Fund Awards Switzerland 2020

More than 6,000 investment funds are already registered for sale in Switzerland. The meaning of investment funds in the portfolio management and the private retirement plan continues to increase. As the amount of investment funds grows, investment products are becoming more complicated. In this permanently changing market environment, the objective of the Awards of Scope Analysis GmbH is to support private investors by offering a fundamental rating assessment to aid selection of suitable investment products. In addition, the Awards can be considered an extension of the successful rating approach of Scope Analysis GmbH by building on many years experience in fund research and management evaluation, which directly contributes to the rating assessment. The transparent evaluation method that is applied for various outstanding funds provides for a selection of five funds in each category to be nominated for the Awards. From the selected top funds, the winner of each category is honoured with the Award. There are two rating procedures for the Awards, which are applied depending on the category. Condition for participation in the selection process of the Awards is free-accessibility for private investors in addition to a minimum volume.
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