Scope Peergroups

Scope PeergroupRisk ClassNr. FundsAuM (Mil. EUR)Top RatingsRated Funds
Equity UK Dividend51111,46300
Equity United Kingdom Mid/Small Caps682,63600
Equity Utilities51582600
Guaranteed Fund with maturity limit2644,13200
Guaranteed Fund without maturity limit34411,55600
LifeCycle Funds (00-05 Years)231,07000
LifeCycle Funds (05-10 Years)31174500
LifeCycle Funds (10-20 Years)4151,61200
LifeCycle Funds (20-50 Years)41478500
Liquid Alt - Event Driven32410,67400
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A Top Rating is equivalent to an A or B Scope Mutual Fund Rating.