Asset Manager Ranking

The Asset Manager Ranking tables present the ranking lists of the investment companies with the highest quota of top rated funds. The ratio of the funds rated with either A or B to the total of all rated funds is calculated for all companies that have at least the minimum required number of funds that were rated by Scope and are registered for sale. The higher the proportion of funds with Top Ratings, the better the investment companies are placed. To give consideration to the various strategic approaches employed by the different companies and so as not to directly compare suppliers of complete product ranges with smaller companies and boutiques, two separate ranking lists are compiled. One of these only includes small companies, and the other includes the large companies companies. The best ten companies in each list are then published and sorted according to the exact quota of the Top-Ratings.
The following table shows how many Scope Mutual Fund Ratings are required for a company to qualify as a given size. The requirements differ per fund universe:
Rated Funds
Universe Small Companies Large Companies
Germany 8-24 25+
Austria 8-24 25+
Switzerland 8-19 20+
France 8-24 25+
Great Britain 8-24 25+